OAKVUE FARM Rental Contract…

  • Reservations require this rental agreement to be signed and dated; accompanied by a $250.00 *security/damage deposit, and 1/4 of the 12 hour rental fee which is $750.00.
  • The balance for all rental contracts, is due 30 days before your event date.
  • Rentals arranged less than 30 days from event date, full payment is due with completed contract.
  • Make checks payable to OAKVUE Farm.
  • Note: OAKVUE is set up for credit card transactions.
  • Confirmations will be mailed, along with a copy of the original rental agreement, to the renter within seven (7) business days.
  • *The security/damage deposit is not the rental fee. It secures the facility on Renter’s requested date(s) and serves as a refundable damage deposit.
  • Violation of contract may result in part or all of security/damage deposit being withheld.

  Require the following completed and delivered to OAKVUE two (2) weeks prior to an event date:

  1. Exact rental beginning and ending time
  2. Clarification of additional hours
  3. Contact/vendor sheet
  4. payment of all items/fees. Minor changes may be made, with prior approval, up to one week before the event.

   In order to reserve the date, we require a $250 security/damage deposit and 1/4 the 12 hour rental fee.

   $250   –       Security/Damage Deposit
$_________ 1/4 of 12 Hour Rental Fee
$_________ Total Due to reserve the date
$_________ Remaining 3/4 the Rental Fee due 30 days prior to event,

   Certificate of Liability Insurance.

   TOTAL RENTAL FEE = $______________________
   The remaining balance of $__________is due 30 days prior to your scheduled event.
Event: _________________________________________________________________________
Name of Renter: _________________________________________________________________________
Event Date: ____________________________ Event Time: ____________AM/PM to _____________AM/PM
Rehearsal Date: __________________________Time: __________________AM/PM to ___________AM/PM  (Typically         Thursdays from 5-6pm, 6-7pm, 7-8pm)


   A. Facility and grounds are only to be used for stated purpose(s).
Set up and breakdown times must fall within the total rental time period. It is the responsibility of the Renter to move       equipment within the facility or on the grounds during event.
C. All activities including your rental check-out list
must end by 11:59 p.m. It is recommended that at least two hours be     allowed for event breakdown.
D. Your CONTACT person will need to check out and sign off with our staff person.
E. Smoking is prohibited in the facility and within 10 feet of all entrances, exits.
F. No rice, confetti, glitter, or candles is allowed inside or outside the facility. Only loose ARTIFICIAL rose petals are permitted.
G. No pets are allowed within the building except for service animals. City code requires animals outside on the grounds to be leashed..
H. DJs/Bands/Musicians Please respect that the OAKVUE is located in a residential neighborhood. Continued use depends upon the good will of our neighbors. Loud music will jeopardize our relationship with the community. DJs/Bands/Musicians that abuse our useage rules will  not be allowed back.
I. Music cannot be audible beyond the OAKVUE grounds. Outside Dance Music ( 90dba) must cease outside at 9:00 p.m. Last dance  announcement no later than 8:55pm. Light background Music (70 Dba or less) is permitted outside until 10pm.
J. Children must always be supervised.
K. If tents are used, no stakes are allowed. If heaters are used, they must be placed on concrete or on plywood to protect the grass.
L. On-site OAKVUE staff monitors event activities and has the authority to enforce contract rules. OAKVUE staff can terminate rental if renter   does not honor contract or local law.


  A. Make sure all OAKVUE equipment is stacked back into the closet and not left out. Any rental equipment must be stored on the concrete and removed from the premises no later than 9:00 AM the following morning.
D. DO NOT USE nails, tacks or staples in the walls/woodwork. IF tape is used, it must be painter’s tape. All decorations and tape must be removed after event.
E. Clean and return tables and chairs to their original positions in the closet.
F. All trash and recycables must be removed from the barn and placed in dumpster and recycling areas outside.
G. Event trash on the grounds, sidewalks, and street (including cigarette butts) must also be removed from site and taken to the OAKVUE     designated dumpster or recycling area(s). If signs were placed in neighborhood they must also be removed. Artificial rose petals are to be  raked  up.
H. Notify on-site staff of any damages that may occur during the event.

After review by the OAKVUE coordinator, (including a day after event check for additional damage) the $250.00 security/damage deposit will   only be refunded if the rental checkout list has been satisfied, there are no damages to the building and its grounds, and if Renter has used the   facility for the time stated in the contract. Damages, cleaning/and/or additional time costs will be withheld from the security deposit. If   damage to OAKVUE property exceeds the amount of the security/damage deposit, Renter agrees to pay for, or replace, any object of OAKVUE   property that is destroyed, damaged, or stolen during the event. Such payment or replacement must be made immediately upon receipt of   notification from OAKVUE.