Appetizers listed below are sold per dozen.  Select specific Hors d’ oeuvre’s from the following list, Two or more dozen of any one item must be ordered.

Standard Portion Sizes– Twelve pieces per person for Hors d’oeuvre cocktail parties, 6 pieces recommended when dinner is to follow.



Beef Tenderloin Rounds- Medium Rare Sliced Beef Tenderloin
Asparagus Tenderloin Rollups- Rolled with Fresh Asparagus
Asparagus wrapped with Bacon or Prosciutto
Seared Medium Rare-Beef- on Crostini – with tomato horseradish
Wild Mushroom- Beef Tarts-Flaky Tarts with wild mushrooms
Middle eastern style lamb and vegetable kebabs
Tenderloin of beef & horseradish crème fraiche – arugula & fresh rosemary



Smoked turkey – pomegranate, herb spread & fresh chives
Prosciutto – crostini toast, fig butter & arugula
Tortilla Pinwheel with Spicy Black Bean and Mango
Sausage En Croute- Wrapped in flaky pastry and baked.
Fresh Seasonal Melon Wrapped in Prosciutto
Mushroom Pinwheel-With Ham & Gruyere Cheese
Miniature Clubs- Ham, Turkey and Bacon with Dill Dressing
Honey Baked Ham- On a Dill Biscuit with fresh herb dressing
Prosciutto Tortilla Pinwheel- Rolled with Pesto Cream Cheese.
Chicken tarragon – herb mayo, dried cranberries & sliced almonds
Corned Beef Spirals- With Swiss and 1000 island dressing
Ham & Cheese Roll-Ups- With Scallion, Pickle and Carrot
Smoked Salmon Tarts- Tart shells with cream cheese and capers
Open Faced Smoked Chicken, Brie & Cranberry Sandwiches
Moroccan Pita breads- With hummus and Moroccan chicken
Roulade- filled with cream cheese & salmon
Open Faced Sandwiches- with cream cheese & asparagus
Puffs with Tuna or Chicken salad – celery & fresh dill
Wraps: smoked turkey breast – cucumber, tomato & fresh herb mayo
chicken caesar – home made croutons & romaine lettuce
roast beef– arugula & horseradish crème
vegetarian – market vegetables & hummus
thai chicken – organic grilled chicken & authentic thai herbs & spices



Sesame Crusted Salmon – served with spicy wasabi mayo
Jumbo Smoked Scallops or Shrimp- smoked w\Hardwoods
Artichoke Hearts filled with Snow Crabmeat
Lemon Hazelnut Pesto Shrimp- With fresh basil
Cucumber Rounds- with Curried Shrimp and lemon
Canadian Snow Crab Claws- With lemon and cocktail sauce
Assorted Seafood Canapés- (Shrimp, Crab, Lobster, Salmon)
Crab Stuffed Tarts- Flaky Tart Shells with cream cheese mousse
Little Scones topped- with cream cheese & smoked trout
Filo triangles- filled with Shrimp and Thai spiced vegetables
Cocktail Sushi- with a variety of cooked Seafood
Poached Salmon – Cucumber, Lemon Zest & Yogurt Dill Sauce



Portobello – roasted red & yellow peppers, crushed red pepper & basil pesto
Roasted Vegetable Canapés with fresh herbs
Pesto-Cream Cheese Roll-up- Rolled with toasted pine nuts
Eggplant & Tahini Mousse tartlets- With Sesame Hummus
Belgian Endive- w\Herbed Cream Cheese and garnishes
Stuffed Celery- with Herbed Cream Cheese and garnishes
Deviled Eggs with olives-Jumbo Eggs topped with Green olive
Cheese Kabobs-Cubed Cheeses skewered with grapes