Family Owned & Operated

We’ve been creating delicious natural cuisine for over 24 years!

Our Food

We are a “green” caterer which means that all our foods are either organic or all natural and made from scratch by our executive chef/owner. We are capable of creating any culinary delight that inspires you using the finest in local produce, herbs, meats & ingredients, and utilizing organics whenever possible. We use only USDA choice or prime meats. We make our own sausages that are made with fresh herbs and spices. We cut our own steaks and house smoke our meats and sausages.

Our food is prepared from scratch in our state-of-the-art kitchen, safely transported to your event and finished on site at your event to preserve freshness. We utilize a fleet of professional catering refrigerated trucks and our entire staff is trained to properly handle your food. Our care, skill and attention to detail ensure that your guests enjoy cuisine that is completely safe, fresh and delicious!

We realize that there many so-called caterers who don’t know (or care) about quality and safety but will sell at a price lower than Sophisticatering with the reasoning that clients are looking for the cheapest price.

Sophisticatering has established a loyal client base of those who demand quality and are willing to accept the slightly higher costs. One can browse through the internet and be overwhelmed by the establishments calling themselves “Caterers”. The list becomes quite exclusive when one demands the quality; portions; service and versatility that sophisticatering provides it’s clients.

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Our Family


Sophisticatering has been family owned and operated serving Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern Illinois for over 25 years. As a family owned and operated business, you will always have one of the owners, Matt & Annette Flynn at your event to ensure the utmost client satisfaction. We strive for perfection with every bite and should any questions or concerns come up, you the owners attention at your unforgettable event.

We strive to bring you the best quality, most naturally produced foods around

Local Sourced  Produce

Our Produce is hand picked from a local supplier. Locally grown produce is used when in season. Our herbs are picked from our own gardens on the day of your event.

Finest Meats & Poultry

Our Grass-fed beef and other fine meats are of the highest quality. Our poultry has been raised in true free-range conditions, on naturally-grown feed without growth hormones or antibiotics.

Seafood from Coast to Coast

Wild seafood or seafood raised on carefully attended farms without the use of artificial colors or growth hormones in the feed.

Dairy Products from Wisconsin

Made From Scratch Bakery and Desserts

Our Desserts, bakery breads and pastries, are home-made using the finest flours, Whole Grains, Pure Vanilla, butter and sugar. No artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

Second Collage

Our Culinary Philosophy

We have a very simple philosophy – We believe in eating real food, allowing people to simply experience the awareness of pure, natural cuisine, prepared in exciting, tasty and healthy ways.

Our commitment to excellence is present in every meal we plate and every mouth-watering bite we serve. Our expertise, passion and creativity pairs well with traditional dishes and culinary adventures, all of which are yours for the choosing. Menus are customizable to best match your taste buds, theme and experience.

Our Staff

Our team of seasoned professionals is at your disposal to execute the perfect wedding. Our Staff is made up of mostly family members in addition to valued long time employees that we treat as family. That same care goes into every aspect of the event planning process, your event and our relationship with you.

To ensure you receive a superior level of service and quality, we limit the number of events we execute each day, guaranteeing that you receive the care and attention you deserve.

Environmentally Conscious

We believe in being green and helping our environment. That’s why our facility recycles, uses energy efficient lighting and has gas appliances. We also recycle at events, utilize limited printed media and dispose of any grease for use as biodiesel.  We cook with stainless steel and cast iron vessels in order to decrease the intake of aluminum into the bodies of our guests and staff.